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We SUCK Gutters Clean...Literally!

Gutter Cleaning Newnan, GA

Cities: Newnan, Peachtree City, Sharpsburg, Tyrone, Fayetteville, Senoia

Counties: Coweta County, Fayette County

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Only Hire The Pros That "Clean Gutters From The Ground"

Why Is Sucking Gutters The Only Correct Option?

  • No Mess Left Behind
  • Nobody Gets On The Roof...Risk Free!
  • No High Pressure Water Damage Shingles or Shooting Water Where It Shouldn't Go!
  • No Ladders Are Used...No Damaged Gutters Afterwards
  • Risk Free. Fast. Very Effective

Clogged Gutters Cause Damage...

Water Damage, Pest Infestations, Landscape Problems & Leaking!

Let Us Clean Your Gutters The Right Way!

How Fast Can We Get Your Gutters Clean?

Within 24 - 48 hours we can get your gutters cleaned!

It's that fast to get on our schedule.

Hurry & call in to get our next day booking today!


When You Call...Who Will You Talk To?

When you call you are going to talk with Robert over the phone.

Robert is our full-time Customer Service Expert here at Guru Gutter Cleaning who's here to help.

He'll be more than happy to assist in answering any and all of your burning gutter cleaning questions and concerns.

5 Easy Reasons Why We're The Best!

  1. We carry full insurance.
  2. We SUCK Gutters Clean...Literally!
  3. 20+ Five Star Reviews on Google
  4. We don't leave a mess behind
  5. We don't damage your shingles or roof



What You Get With Us

1. Completely clear & clog free gutters

2. No mess so your yard & house stays clean

3. Reliability so you can get always get the help when you need it.

4. Easy payment options so it is easy to work with us

5. Mobile appointment portal so your appointment is clear to you

6. Professional equipment so we are never on your roof

Ready For Some Proof?

Here are some jobs we've done

For us, gutter cleaning is an everyday thing.  From time to time we take before and after pictures of the jobs we do.

These are just some of those jobs so you can see us in action.

3 Jobs in Newnan & Surrounding Areas

Gutter Cleaning Sharpsburg GA

Brief Explanation:

We arrived at this house late in the afternoon. In fact, it was the last house on our route for the day. They were happy to have us and we quickly began to work. We cleaned the back gutters first which were 2 stories above the deck and then we cleaned the front gutters. We also sealed the gutters.

Gutter Cleaning Tyrone, GA

Brief Explanation:

This was quite a big job with large commercial box gutters that were deep, wide, and very full. A lot of these gutters openings were very small and only our special machine and tips could reach in and get the debris out.

Gutter Cleaning Fayetteville, GA

Brief Explanation:

We were more than happy to help this customer out in Fayetteville, GA. We cleaned their one story gutters on the front of the house and their two story gutters on the back of the house. We were able to get them perfectly clean and the customer was very happy.

We have even more on our site. Take a look around.

Please Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions

What Are Your Neighbors Saying?

Read "Their Words"

James Hardee

Tyrone, GA

Date: Aug 23, 2019
Guru quoted a price and stuck to it despite the gutters being way worse than they or I thought. Sean did a great job and left the yard, deck, and walkways spotless. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Katie Watson

Newnan, GA

Date: Jul 8, 2019
The whole experience was great. Making the appointment over the phone a week ago, giving my card info and asking not to charge until service was received, and my gutters and roof look great! So happy. 💯🙌

Sheridan Kluge

Sharpsburg, GA

Date: Jun 26, 2019
Sean came, did a fantastic job on my gutters and left no mess. On-time, very professional and friendly. I highly recommend them and would use them again.

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Guru Gutter Cleaning

Newnan, Georgia

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How Much Does It Cost?

We have pricing plans that give you the best gutter cleaning prices in town.

Our gutter cleaning packages are priced based on how many stories your home is and how often you opt-in to getting them cleaned.

It's easy!

Just call us and we will look up your property on Google Maps and give you an exact price over the phone.

You can even book the appointment, pay, get an email receipt, and a link to manage your appointment straight from your phone.

Our Schedule Fills Up Fast

If You're Quick To Call, We Can Schedule You In Right Away

We're The Only Option That Makes Sense!

Is it worth having a "so-called" gutter cleaner...

  1. Fall off a ladder?
  2. Fall off your roof?
  3. Damage your roof while stomping around on it?
  4. Screw into your roof to tie off with a rope?
  5. Spray high-pressure water at your gutters & shingles?
  6. Use a ladder against your gutters and damage them?

Just to clean your gutters...

ANSWER: NO, None Of These Options Are Worth The Risk!

Guru Gutter Cleaning makes sense because...

  1. We don't get on ladders
  2. We don't get on your roof
  3. We don't damage roofs
  4. We don't screw into your roof
  5. We don't use high-pressure water
  6. We don't use ladders

Call Now To Clean Your Gutters

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Text Us: (678) 673-3104

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Send Us A Written Letter

Guru Gutter Cleaning

Newnan, Georgia


P.S. Don't hire anybody that has to get on your roof to clean the gutters.

FYI - If they have to blow out the gutters with a backpack blower or a high power pressure washer, it isn't worth it.

Backpack blowers and pressure washers leave a mess, can damage shingles, and require the operator to be on ladders or on the roof.  Not worth the risk.


1. How Much Does It Cost?


Our pricing varies. In order to make sure we give you the best price possible... go ahead and call. That way we can view your property via satellite imaging and most accurately assess the cost to clean your gutters.

Also, when you call, we can see what coupons we're offering at that time. We can pass those savings over to you quickly and easily over the phone.


2. Where Are We Located?


Our gutter cleaning van and team cleans gutters in Newnan, GA.  We also clean gutters in the surrounding towns and cities near Newnan, Georgia.

We are local and professional.  We're ready to take care of your dirty gutters today & for years in the future.

3. Are We Safe When We Clean Gutters?



In fact, we are so safe that we are able to clean all your gutters from the ground with our gutter cleaning equipment.  We can clean 1, 2, & 3 story gutters for your home.

We don't have to risk our life and limb to clean your gutters and you shouldn't have to hire someone that does.